Microsoft adds Kinect support for Netflix

Microsoft today released an update for the Xbox 360 which brings Kinect support for the popular Netflix application. Users will be prompted to upgrade the next time they start up Netflix.

As reported by Major Nelson, Kinect for Netflix will allow voice or gesture control of the Netflix interface to select any content. Playback, fast forward, rewind are all supported under the update. Kinect support also adds a new exclusive recommendation channel which provides suggestions for movies or TV shows based on past viewing habits.

With the upcoming release of the Kinect for Windows SDK and the popularity of Kinect for Xbox 360, Microsoft have a unique opportunity to provide innovative features with gesture based technology in a market that currently lacks any serious competitors. Microsoft went through a series of Kinect demos at MIX11 showcasing the Worldwide Telescope and developing applications for Kinect.

Engadget posted the following short video running through some of the features of Kinect for Netflix:

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