Microsoft adds a bevy of new features to the OneNote app for Mac and iPhone

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Microsoft adds a bevy of new features to the OneNote client for Mac and iPhone post update

Following updates to OneNote for Windows 8.1, Microsoft has released updates to OneNote for iPhone and the recently released OneNote for Mac. The update brings a host of features to both the clients. While it makes OneNote’s experience on iPhone convenient, the latter has received lots of editing and formatting options. Microsoft has listened to users’ request and pushed those features in this update.

"It’s important to us that you have a fluid and familiar digital note taking experience with OneNote on all the devices you love. In that vein, today we are releasing significant updates to OneNote for iPhone and OneNote for Mac, that deliver an improved experience on Apple devices," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Here is what's new:

OneNote for iPhone

Create new notebooks and sections: Much like the desktop version, now you can create new notebooks and sections from your iPhone itself. Additionally, you can also share the notes with others and get on the same page.

Office Lens on OneNote for iPad: Office Lens, a feature that lets you scan things like receipts, notes etc. has now been ported to the iPhone client of OneNote as well.

iOS 7 optimized: The new version also makes the app more optimized for Apple’s iOS 7 operating system. The process of making new notes and navigation across the app is much more fluid and efficient now.

OneNote for Mac

Ability to print and save notes as a PDF file: Mac users can now print notes using the OneNote client. In addition, you can also save the page in PDF format.

Drag and drop images: Addressing users’ request, Microsoft has added this super-convenient functionality to its client that will allow users to add images and other information on the note by simply dragging and dropping.

Format Painter: This feature lets you uniformly change and adjust the formatting of the entire text document. This can come very handy when you have lots of text coming from several sources with presumably different formal styles. Now you will be able to change the format of the document in mere clicks.

Copy and paste formatted content: Though Format Painter is great to clean the format of the text, if you would rather maintain the original format, this feature will let you do so.

Hyperlinks: Users can now also keep links embedded between a bunch of text. This will make the document look cleaner.

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