Microsoft acknowledges Microsoft Edge auto-startup bug, asks for help from the community

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft is currently investigating an auto-startup bug affecting the new Microsoft Edge where apparently some versions of the browsers are automatically launching on Windows startup. First spotted by Dr. Windows, Microsoft has acknowledged the issue in a recent blog post, and said that the problem affects Microsoft Edge users regardless of their browser’s startup settings:

We’ve heard from our community that some versions of Microsoft Edge are automatically launching whenever users start their PCs and log into Windows, regardless of their selection in edge://settings/onStartup. It’s currently unknown whether there are any accompanying behavioral changes with this bug.

Most users are probably not aware that the legacy Microsoft Edge already loads some processes in the background during the Windows 10 startup to improve the browser’s launching speed. However, these processes end up consuming a lot of system resources in cases when a user has already switched to the Chromium Edge or just prefers using other browsers. It remains unclear if this new bug is associated with a recent update in the new Microsoft Edge, or if it is a continuation of the long-standing problem with the legacy Edge.

Anyways, the software giant has invited the community to share diagnostic data in order to help them understand and address this issue. So, if you are experiencing a similar problem, follow the process mentioned in the blog post to generate the diagnostic data, and then submit your feedback by using the Microsoft Edge built-in feedback utility by going to Menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.