May's optional Windows 11 update could break Trend Micro products -
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May's optional Windows 11 update could break Trend Micro products

Earlier this week, we reported that Microsoft had released the May optional Windows 11 update, known as KB5014019 or build 22000.708 which featured two key improvements, Windows Spotlight and Family Safety verification experience. Yet as it now appears, the update is posing a challenge to Trend Micro products.

Trend Micro has now released a statement to address this issue and indicated that the update is affecting the User Mode Hooking (UMH) engine. This means that users are now susceptible to attacks by hackers because of a security gap, as spotted by Neowin.

Trend Micro has indicated that they are aware of the issue and are currently carrying out investigations to determine the cause of this issue. As a workaround, Trend Micro recommends that users should temporarily uninstall the patch before it becomes mandatory, as they continue to look for a way around the challenge. Alternatively, users can contact Trend Micro support for further assistance.

It might also be best to avoid installing this optional May update and wait till the next Patch Tuesday. Let us know if you're impacted by this bug by dropping us a comment below.

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