Mad Max Savage Road set to hit Xbox One September 1st, 2015

Mad Max Savage Road set to hit Xbox One September 1st, 2015

The Mad Max franchise has is getting a lot of praise as of late. First, there is Tom Hardy's stellar lead in Mad Max Fury Road. Now it looks like another hit is coming for gamers with the upcoming release of Mad Max Savage Road for the Xbox One. In anticipation of E3 in June, Avalanche Studios released a new trailer for Savage Road and from the looks of it, Savage Road will let players unleash their chaotic fury in an open world dynamic.

Savage Road does not follow the storyline of the feature film, Fury Road. Instead, Savage Road adds more key characters, a better storyline, and more action-based gameplay. In Savage Road, Max is alone in The Wasteland after being abducted and badly beaten. Max eventually teams up with a scavenger known as Chumbucket. The two set out ot create the ultimate automotive roving war machine.

Check out the latest Savage Road trailer below.

Although not yet available for pre-order in the Xbox Games Store, you can find pre-order details for Mad Max Savage Road, HERE. Keep an eye out for Mad Max Savage Road when it hits Xbox One for $59.99 on September 1st.

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