Lumia 640 on AT&T now receiving Windows 10 Mobile, no word on Lumia 1520

It seems as though AT&T is finally ready to dish out the Windows 10 Mobile update to its Lumia 640 owners. A mere four months after the first signs of Lumia 640’s in Poland began receiving Windows 10 Mobile, AT&T has joined the bandwagon of releasing the update onto its inexpensive Lumia phone as well.

An AT&T Community Specialist reached out via its wireless forum to update address a customer’s frustration over company’s apparent dragging of feet regarding the Windows 10 Mobile rollout for the Lumia 640.

AT&T Lumia 640 Windows 10 Mobile rollout
AT&T Lumia 640 Windows 10 Mobile rollout

While there is no word on whether or not other devices on AT&T’s network will receive the Windows 10 Mobile update, at least Lumia 640 owners (of which there may be more than 830, 1020, and 1520 owners) can rest easy as the update is making its rounds to their devices.

To get the update, snag the Upgrade Advisor app from the download link below and get updating!

Upgrade Advisor
Upgrade Advisor
Price: Free

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