Latest Microsoft Edge Dev update brings lots of reliability fixes

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

We’re now midway through this week, which means that it’s time for a new Microsoft Edge Dev update. This week’s build, coming in at version 85.0.552.1, isn’t really delivering new features, but there are a lot of fixes and improvements to take note of. Here’s a look at what you need to know.

We’ll begin with the short list of what’s new. These are mainly under the hood changes for developers and admins. Here, Microsoft had added a New Tab Page Search Box management policy. They’ve also added support for the Auto Open Allowed for URLs management policy for upstream Chromium. Finally, they’ve added support for the Auto Open File Types management policy from upstream Chromium.

Now, there are reliability fixes and changed behaviors. There’s a couple of big ones here, which fix crashes when printing, starting, and situations where the browser sometimes might not open. Microsoft also fixed an issue on Mac where entering fullscreen mode in an installed app or website crashes the browser. You can have a look below for the other notes in this release, and check the full list here at Microsoft.

  • Fixed a crash when importing data from other browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where certain 4K video content, such as that encoded using HEVC, doesn’t play properly.
  • Improved the reliability of importing passwords from other browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where adding items to a
  • Collection sometimes fails, and instead the loading spinner is shown indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where the flag that controlled the ability to use the Block option in website Autoplay settings disappeared.
  • Fixed an issue where Edge users who are signed into Windows with a work or school account sometimes don’t get automatically signed into the browser with that account, which can lead to sync errors.
  • Fixed an issue where PWAs or websites installed as apps sometimes have consistent GPU use even when idle.
  • Fixed an issue where icons in some menus like the … menu are the wrong size.
  • Fixed an issue where autofill sometimes incorrectly suggests credentials to use in forms on websites that have never been visited before.
  • Fixed an issue where autofill sometimes incorrectly suggests passwords in fields on websites that aren’t asking for a password.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Title Bar buttons sometimes appeared in a different color than the rest of the window’s title bar.

As for known issues, there’s a one this week where users of certain ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on YouTube. Microsoft suggests you check here to learn more about how to resolve this. There are also the same issues from last week. As a reminder, these include problems with clicking links from external applications, Kaspersky Internet Suite, favorites duplicating, Edge windows becoming black, wobbling when scrolling, and multi-audio output.

In other Edge news, Microsoft Edge now uses less memory in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. Microsoft is also sharing free virtual swag for the Edge Insider community hitting the 100,000 member mark, so be sure to click here to check it out.