KingSing W8 8-inch quad-core is the first sub-$100 Windows 8 tablet

KingSing W8 8-inch quad-core is the first sub-00 Windows 8 tablet

The cost of getting onboard the Windows tablet bandwagon just dropped a little. The promise of super-cheap devices has now come to something as KingSing unveils its super-budget offering. Measuring 8-inches, the W8 tablet is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, and is backed up by 1GB of RAM.

At 1280 x 800, the screen is slightly low on the resolution front, and the same can be said of the 2MP cameras found on the front and the rear of the device. Rather than a 10-point touchscreen, costs have been reduced by dropping this to just five points.

Powered by a 4500mAh battery, the W8 can be used for 6-8 hours. There’s just 16GB of storage, but this can be expanded by using memory cards. We don’t yet know how much the tablets weighs, but measuring 207.5mm x 122.6 x 10mm means that it should be fairly lightweight.

This is definitely a budget device, but it could also be a game changer. The bar has now been raised — or lowered, depending on how you look at things — and things can now only go in two directions in the budget market from this point forward. Prices can drop further by making further compromises with the hardware, or standards could improve at this price point; only time will tell.

The inclusion of 3G and wifi connectivity shows the company’s history in the handset market — KingSing has a range of Android handset to its name in China. There’s no word yet about whether the W8 will be released outside of China.

What do you think of device like this? Would you like a super-cheap tablet, or would you rather pay a little extra for something with a bit more grunt?

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