The Kinect can help patients recover faster at home by providing coaching

The Kinect can help patients recover faster at home by providing coaching

The medical industry frequently borrows technological advancements from other industries then repurposes the tech for their particular niche. Microsoft’s Kinect sensor has been a piece of tech that frequently gets used and reused in different applications across industries. The sensor has a robust set of capabilities such as depth sensing, video camera, and microphone array. Hospitals can leverage the Kinect sensor to perform high quality in home therapy for patients instead of requiring them to travel to a hospital.

Keeping patients in home reduces risk of injury since they are usually at elevated risk from recent procedures. However, even though the patient is in their home doctors can still communicate with them face to face and preform workout routines that can coach them on their progress and form. The Kinect sensor provides unique automated coaching and training sessions that previously required medical staff to assist patients. With the Kinect handling more patients medical staff can spend more time helping more patients receive a high level of care. The Kinect has been ushering in the next generation of telemedicine; allowing patients and doctors to communicate without travel to a medical facility.

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