Join the ‘Project Spark’ beta for Windows 8.1 and create your own games

Join the 'Project Spark' beta for Windows 8.1 and create your own games

If you have ever bemoaned the absence of the perfect game, why not do something about it? With Microsoft’s Project Spark, you can do just this. The game creation engine was showcased at E3 back in June, but today the Windows 8.1 beta opens up and everyone is invited to join.

Project Spark is something of an interesting concept. It is kind of like a game that you can use to build other games — create and play at the same time. Sort of. It’s a fairly unique idea.

Windows 8.1 users today have an opportunity to get involved as the beta program opens up to them. At some point in the future it will be opened up to Xbox One as well, but for now it is desktop users who get to have the first go.

Game creation tools are nothing new, but Spark is different not only in its approach, but in how easy it makes things. You can start off by setting a few basic parameters to create a game scenario and continue to build a game world as you walk through it.

The project website doesn’t house a great deal of information at the moment, besides a video showing off the game creation tool. It is worth keeping an eye on the site, as well as the Facebook page for the latest updates. If you’re around at 3pm PST, there’ll be a live stream on Twitch that’s sure to be worthwhile.

For now, check out the introductory video for an idea of what you can expect.

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