Is Windows 11's Shut Down UI being redesigned? -
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Is Windows 11's Shut Down UI being redesigned?

Microsoft just released Windows 11 build 25174.1000 to the Dev Channel which featured the new Game Pass widget and the usual bug fixes. But as it now seems, there are some changes that might have been rolled out with this build that were not highlighted in the release notes. As spotted by @XenoPanther on Twitter, the "PC-like icon on the Shut Down menu is missing".(via Neowin)

While following up on the matter, Xeno discovered that the "Icon" and "Icon Group" folders within the "shutdownux" DLL file were also missing.

Xeno also recently discovered that users could still run Internet Explorer in Windows 11. Could this be an indication that Microsoft is planning to redesign Windows 11 Shut Down icons or is it just a bug? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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