Internet Explorer 11 snags 1.49% share for Oct 2013, Internet Explorer 8 goes up in share

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Internet explorer 11 snags 1. 49% share for oct 2013, internet explorer 8 goes up in share

According to new data from NetApplications, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) browser holds a 18.94% market share, which is down compared to the previous month's 19.45%. IE10 is currently in second place behind Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 10, which has already surpassed Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in terms of market share, is close to being the top browser.

Microsoft's IE8 is currently the top browser with a 21.76% browser market share. Interestingly enough, IE8 actually went up in market share compared to the previous month, which had a 21.39% share. We wonder what caused the increase?

IE10 remains in second place with a 18.94% share while IE9 holds a 9.49% share. IE6, which shipped with Windows XP back in 2001, has a 4.93% share.

Microsoft's latest browser, which comes with Windows 8.1 and has yet to be released to Windows 7 users, has a 1.31% market share as of October 2013.

On a side note, Firefox 24 actually edged out Google's Chrome browser, earning second place behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. 

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