Intel Broadwell processor due out mid-2015, includes Iris Pro Graphics

Intel Broadwell processor due out mid-2015, includes Iris Pro Graphics

The above photograph showcases the size of Intel's Haswell microarchitecture - a pin is shown for scale.

If you’ve been waiting to hear news about Intel’s latest microarchitecture, Broadwell, then we have some exciting news for you; the company has revealed more information at this year’s 2015 Game Developer’s Conference. The company spoke mostly about the new design in respect to its desktop lineup offerings.

The latest processor architecture from Intel follows the company’s chip manufacturing model known as “Tick-Tock”; a model in which every ‘tick’ represents a die shrink and every ‘tock’ represents an entirely new microarchitecture. This ‘tick’, known as Broadwell, will introduce us to a 14 nm variation of the Haswell chip that was originally released June 2013.

Broadwell is due out mid-2015 and will offer Intel’s latest Iris Pro graphics, along with a new 65W power envelope. As one might expect, reducing power also plays a factor in reducing heat, so the latest Broadwell chips will be even more efficient for mobile platforms, such as a Possible Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The question is, what will you do with Intel’s Broadwell platform? Will you be enjoying it on your latest mobile device or overclocking it in your new desktop PC?

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