Integrating Cortana into applications will be easier thanks to a new developer platform

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Cortana searching through Netflix

Integrating Cortana into applications is going to get easier for developers on the upcoming new operating system Windows 10. Microsoft will release a development platform that helps developers integrate Cortana into their applications.

Cortana is a key feature in the future of Microsoft. Her reach has expanded from Windows Phone to tablets and desktops once they are updated to Windows 10. The hard part about selling a digital assistant is trying to differentiate it from other digital assistants such as Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

The biggest difference between Cortana and her competitors may be her willingness and ability to work with apps directly. For example, if you ask Cortana to find a program on Netflix she not only opens the application but also performs the search and finds the show for you. Cortana being integrated with apps removes steps from performing tasks within apps and gives users the option of voice control.

In a presentation at WinHEC, Microsoft extensively outlined the features of Cortana as a digital assistant and the benefits of integrating her into applications. Microsoft points out that Cortana “enables Windows web-hosted apps to integrate with Cortana using voice commands.” They also highlighted that Cortana will allow developers to “differentiate their apps and help their users be more productive.”

With Cortana being added to more and more devices the benefits of voice control and other integrations will become more and more convenient over time. A key to that being a feature available across a wide range of apps is developers taking the time to add integration with Cortana to their own platforms. With the development platform, Microsoft is trying making it as easy as possible to get developers to use Cortana.

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