iFixit Xbox One teardown continues with Kinect 2.0

iFixit Xbox One teardown continues with Kinect 2.0

After yesterday’s ceremonial ripping open of the Xbox One, iFixit continues with its destructive tendencies and rips open the Kinect 2.0. While the Xbox One itself received a reparability rating of 8 out of 10, it’s not quite the same story for the Kinect which scores just 6.

So, what can you expect to find if you are brave enough to crack open the unit (not that we would recommend it!)? Unsurprisingly, there are sensors aplenty including that all-important camera — all the better for seeing you with, my dear.

It looks as though should anything go wrong with the camera or any of the Kinect sensor, they should be fairly easy to swap out — it’s just getting to them that proves slightly tricky! One thing that is interesting to note is that the large metal bracket to which many components are fitted doubles up as a heat sink, helping – in conjunction with the fan — to keep things nice and cool.

While the various cameras appear to be easily replaceable, the same cannot be said of the “IR blasters” which are fairly firmly soldered in place. There are also various tamper-evident tape strips to get past: probably best left to the experts. Still, it’s good to see the guts of the Kinect and get an idea of what’s going on inside that case.

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