#IDARB now available FREE for Xbox Live Gold subscribers

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#IDARB now available FREE for Xbox Live Gold subscribers

#IDARB stands for “It Draws a Red Box” is an a crazy 8-player eSport jumping arena ball game that spawned from Twitter. #IDARB allows you to create characters, teams, tournaments, team logos, team theme music, and more. #IDARB is always evolving into a new game, based on input from thousands of like-minded gamers where you can create “hashbombs” that can drastically change the game by way of Twitch and Twitter.

#IDARB allows you to play head-to-head or 4 versus 4 online games. #IDARB is by far one of the strangest games that I have ever played so far. I  thought it would be a game that wouldn’t live up to the hype, but I was wrong about that. I find it very interesting that a game can be born from Twitter, but Mike Mika, the creator of #IDARB proved me and everyone else wrong.

#IDARB is now available for download via the link below.

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