HTC One M8 with Windows suggests that Windows Phone hogs less battery than Android


HTC One M8 for Windows suggests Windows Phone is lighter on battery

HTC launched its flagship smartphone HTC One M8 for Windows. It’s the same flagship smartphone it had launched earlier this year, with the only difference being that instead of Android KitKat, it runs on Windows Phone 8.1. But what role does the operating system play on the device’s battery life? Apparently, the one running the Windows Phone 8.1 offers almost 10 percent extra battery life on a single charge.

Both the devices are exactly the same — the same Snapdragon 801 chip, the same camera, the same screen, the same battery. But as listed on company’s website, while the HTC One M8 running Android provides 20 hrs of talk time and 496 hours standby time, the one with Windows Phone 8.1 is able to churn 22 hrs talk time and 528 hrs standby time.

As a result, the Windows Phone-powered HTC One M8 offers 32 extra hours on standby, or clocks 2 hours more on talk time. So there it is, yet another crucial factor why one should ditch Android for a Windows Phone!