HP Elite X3 bundle for Windows 10 Mobile could cost €1200

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After reporting that the HP Elite x3 will cost €699, we're now hearing reports that the whole HP Elite x3 bundle could come in at a whopping €1200.

French news site, TheWinDose, claims that the bundle will come in at the high price of €1200 (around $1,326 or £1,024), but that this bundle will include the following accessories alongside the Elite x3:

  • Continuum dock
  • HP Mobile Extender

At first sight, that is an eye-watering price. But when you think about it, for that price you are receiving not just a phone, but also a laptop and external display, along with extra ports for connecting external devices together. If you think how much you spend on a phone and a laptop separately, the price suddenly begins to make sense.

On top of the price, you'll also want to consider investing in some accessories for the Elite x3, in order to keep it safe, with several case and screen protector variants being made available.

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