HP appears to be preparing a Verizon-compatible HP Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile device

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For Windows 10 Mobile users who’d prefer Verizon, the outlook has seemed dismal for the past few months. The last Windows phone device to be supported on Verizon’s network is the Lumia 735 – which, compared to today’s devices, is very dated.

Luckily, for those interested in Windows 10 Mobile, it appears that HP is looking to become the next Windows 10 Mobile manufacturer to have a device supported on Verizon’s network. In a new Bluetooth certificate (via MSPU), the listing directly mentions a Verizon variant of the HP Elite x3:

HP Elite x3 Verizon Bluetooth Certificate

There’s no indication as to when we could expect a Verizon-supported HP Elite x3 (if at all), but it is clear that HP is working on extending its devices’ reach. It has, however, already been nearly 2 months since the Bluetooth certificate was first published.

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