HoloLens display supplier says "don't expect anything major" in next two years

The five-year journey for Microsoft HoloLens continues forward as rumors sprout about the augmented reality headset's second version being canceled. Instead, HoloLens 3.0 is said to be aimed for 2019 which seems to be followed up by recent Himax earnings call earlier this month (via MSPU).

Himax Technologies, the OEM that creates the HoloLens head display, have shared to investors that there likely isn't anything new coming soon. In fact, CEO Jordan Wu believes that despite it being a 'very exciting area', the development of AR goggles are still a work in progress.

"People have been studying scanning mirror ever since we got started on this goggle business. But I haven't seen anything really concrete so far," he points out. "So I think it's fair to say that the LCOS remains the leading technology, when it comes to AR devices -- AR goggle devices but then I mean don't expect anything major this year or even next."

The earnings call could reflect Microsoft's desire to be patient for better technology rather than rushing the end product of the HoloLens. Although, if rumors are still to be believed, Apple could be throwing their own device into the ring and heat up the competition.

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