Hogwarts Legacy release date on PS4 and Xbox pushed to May 5

Kevin Okemwa

Hogwarts Legacy

In a surprising turn of events, Hogwarts Legacy won’t be premiering on Xbox or PS4 on April 4 as earlier indicated. Instead, the entry is going to make its way to both consoles later on in the year, May 5 to be precise.

Early last month, Hogwarts Legacy’s official launch trailer dropped building momentum ahead of its February 10th launch for PC and current-gen consoles. The much-anticipated entry has already made its debut on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and even featured in Xbox’s 10-game release list back in February.

However, the development team behind the entry has taken to Twitter to announce that they are pushing the launch date for  PS4 and Xbox to May 5. In the Tweet, the Hogwarts Legacy team highlighted they are busy at work in a bid “to deliver the best possible experience on all platforms”.

The team further indicated that they’ll need more time to deliver on this promise hence the change of dates. They didn’t disclose more details pinpointing the exact issues that prompted this move.

However, the Nintendo Switch version seems to still be in play as they didn’t mention anything about it. It’s expected to make its debut on July 25.