Here's a sneak peek at the new Xbox Gamerscore Leaderboard

If you're a current member of the Xbox One Preview program, you may be aware that Microsoft is currently iterating quite fast on the Xbox One system software. While bringing more UWP apps to the new unified Xbox Store seems to be one of the main focus of the Xbox team these days, Xbox exec Mike Ybarra revealed on Twitter today that a new gamerscore leaderboard is also in the pipeline.

If you don't spot anything new yet, look closer at the top left of the picture: the Xbox team has added a drop down menu to allow Xbox One owners to browse leaderboards from past months, and this seems like a nice addition for gamers interested in their past gaming data. Furthermore, the Xbox team probably hopes that it will push gamers to check their gamerscore leaderboard more often and ultimately spend more time playing games and compete with their friends on Xbox Live.

Do you often check your gamerscore leaderboard to compare to track how you're doing compared to your Xbox Live friends? Sound off in the comments if you're excited by this upcoming feature.

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