Here are the games coming to Xbox next week

Robert Collins

Spring is in full swing, and the Xbox titles keep coming. A total of 8 games are set to release on Xbox consoles next week from April 11-15.

Happy Basudei – April 12

This brand new platformer is old school in the purest sense. In it, your only objective is to evade the many foes and obstacles thrown your way.

Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread – April 13

This 2D shooter features a blend of Metal Slug-style action and metroidvania exploration, presented with an 80s action flick aesthetic. The game has players switching between four characters with unique abilities to blast the giant robots, cyborg ninjas, and horrible hybrid creates that come their way.

Limb Hunter – April 13

Another side-scrolling platform shooter, you play as a robot resurrected from the scrap heap on a mission to save planet DC-128b. Just as the game’s title implies, you’ll have to scavenge for new bodily attachments for your cyborg if you want to prevail. Shoot, loot, attach, repeat.

Hidden Shapes: Animals and Lovely Cats – April 14

A relaxing jigsaw puzzle game with minimalist hand-drawn art centered around – you guessed it – cats and animals.

9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek – April 15

A point-and-click hidden object puzzle adventure game set in the 1950s, in which players assume the role of a paranormal investigator on a quest to find his friend Helen – a young reporter who has gone missing in the strange and mysterious town of Serpent Creek.

Battle Kid – Fortress of Peril – April 15

In this retro-inspired shooter (you’ll definitely see Mega Man influences here) you take on the role of Battle Kid as he infiltrates an ancient high-tech fortress to stop a super-mech from being unleashed on the island and its denizens.

Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook – April 15

This title combined elements of the dating sim and the farming sim. In it, you will endeavor to raise and sell your crops while spending time with the local girls in your pursuit of true love.

Sally Face – April 15

The protagonist of the action-adventure is a boy with a prosthetic face. With the help of his friends and a handheld gaming device that can communicate with the dead, he will get to the bottom of a series of murders being committed in his small, sleepy town.

While there aren’t any AAA titles scheduled to be released next week, it is still a pretty solid lineup overall. Especially if you are a fan of indie games. These games are playable on Xbox One and Series X/S.