Here are some real-life examples of how the Surface Pro 3 transforms computing in small businesses

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Here are some real-life examples of how the Surface Pro 3 transforms computing in small businesses

The Surface Pro 3 is a perfect example to demonstrate the flexibility of a hybrid PC, flexibility that is ever so important in businesses. One of the main reasons to choose devices like the Surface Pro 3 over traditional Ultrabooks is the ability to work depending on the functions required in different work scenarios, as users can opt for using a keyboard and mouse combination, and touch or pen input.

Over the past few months, Microsoft has been creating videos with the purpose of demonstrating how actual people and businesses use the Surface Pro 3 in their day-to-day work lives, and how it has improved their productivity levels in the process.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the Surface Pro pen can be used to do more than simply circle things as Microsoft tends to do in their ads. Below are some examples of how the pen is used as well as the types of digital creation applications that the Surface Pro 3 can run. The video you see below is of a company that creates truly unique high heel shoes, something you’ll likely see Lady Gaga wearing in the near future. They use the Surface Pro 3 for all their note-taking, modeling processes, as well as for photo editing.

This next video is of a small scale design company that has set out to transform everyday household objects into musical instruments that can be controlled over Bluetooth. Here the Surface Pro 3 is used to code the application that will be used as an interface, the multi-touch display of course comes very handy in this scenario as well as the ability to position the Surface flat on its back to play with the on-screen xylophone they created. This is something that only a handful of Ultrabooks provide.

The Surface Pro 3 being a powerful yet mobile full Windows PC comes with many advantages as this architectural firm demonstrates. Being able to carry their 3D models wherever they go is a huge departure from being tethered to an immovable desktop workstation. This is also very important as they can now show clients during meetings or construction crews at the work site actual models instead of simply presenting their work in the form of a slideshow or images. The Surface has thus made communication much more interactive rather than it just being a one-way street.

These are just three examples of the true power the Surface Pro 3 offers, both in terms of its actual performance, and how it can transform the way companies large or small get their computing tasks done. You can watch even more use-case examples over at the official Microsoft UK and Surface YouTube channels. 

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