Here are the most popular Surface Pro 3 advertisements of 2014

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Here are the most popular Surface Pro 3 advertisements of 2014

Microsoft has been known to roll out some interesting video advertisements, to say the least. Microsoft placed a huge focus on the Surface this year and rolled out quite a few Surface advertisements — with the majority of them going head to head with the direct competition. 

Looking back at the 2014 year, the most popular Surface advertisement was made available in November and has earned over 7 million views on YouTube. In the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland,’ the popular video advertisement has the Surface Pro 3 up against the Macbook Air, showcasing why Microsoft’s offering is a better choice.

Microsoft’s strategy is clearly working. Consumers and critics seem happy with the Surface Pro 3, and it even made Time Magazine’s list of 25 best inventions of 2014.

We’ve embedded the most popular video below for your viewing pleasure. Below it, we’ve posted the two runner-ups (2.3 million views and 1.5 million views, respectively) for the year. Enjoy!

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