Has Microsoft RTM’ed Windows 8 at build 8888?

It seems a new rumour has appeared on the web, claiming that earlier today Microsoft signed off Windows 8 at build 8888. If this is true, then the company can soon begin sharing the OS with partners and OEM’s. The build is expected to appear on MSDN and TechNet in late August.

“Microsoft has signed the final “gold code” of the operating system Microsoft Windows 8 RTM (Release To Manufacturing), the final assembly of the gold as expected by us, has become an assembly: 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555
From now on, the assembly 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555 has the official status of the final version of Microsoft Windows 8 RTM (Release To Manufacturing), and that this assembly will be posted on Microsoft’s subscription resources such as MSDN, it will be available to subscribers at the end of August this year . Also, the assembly 8888.16384.win8_rtm.120724-1555 will be sent to all partners of Microsoft including OEM partners, ie, it is this assembly will be to contemplate a new computer from various PC manufacturers.” Translated from the source post.

If the above is true, then Windows 8 is right on track, and should be available in-time for Christmas. Obviously the news has appeared from 3rd party sources, so the news could be fake. Take everything here with a grain of salt.

Stick around for more news, as we expect this week to be an interesting one for Windows 8.

(Thanks @windows4live)

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