Halo Infinite update fixes Big Team Battle server issues and more

Kevin Okemwa

Halo Infinite has had a fair share of setbacks. This has created an impediment for gamers, especially when it comes to syncing games. 343 industries released a hotfix last month to try and remedy the issues, without total success. However, a new update was released on February 3, which will hopefully resolve all the problems that affect Big Team Battle gameplay.

No more glitches

Most of the improvements made on BTB come from Halo Insiders Feedback as well as Halo Support tickets, thus, prompting immediate action by the support team. Here are some of the issues that have been resolved:

  • The game now supports Local Area Network multiplayer, the feature takes effect once the match begins.
  • The Async game is turned on by default for players with the AMD Radeon RX 500 series, this prevents crashing.
  • You can now launch Halo Infinite without an internet connection, then turn on the internet once you get to the main menu and play it online.

Note: In some scenarios where you connect the internet once the game has launched. It may affect gameplay, thus, the only workaround is to reboot the game.

  • Also, the windows now show correct borders when you launch the game in windowed mode on Steam.

Halo Infinite update on Xbox, PC, and Steam

Both Xbox and PC players will get to benefit from this update, the update is expected to be around 1.1 GB. On the other hand, gamers on the Steam platform will receive a 142 MB update.

Apart from resolving the issues with the BTB game, there will also be some notable adjustments made to the Scorpion Tank as well as the Wrath spawn rates in the BTB maps thanks to the recent update. In return, this will create room for more frequent drops to be made onto the Battlefield.

Which of the above features are you most excited to see come to BTB? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.