Guitar Hero, Rock Band coming to Xbox One?

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Guitar Hero, Rock Band coming to Xbox One?

The Xbox One has ushered in a new era of console gaming, but in its rush to bring better graphics and more features to your living room, some popular games from the Xbox 360 era have been left behind.  That seems about to change, with new announcements coming as soon as next week’s GDC and at E3 in June, and it looks like some of the tried and true games on Xbox 360, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, could be making their way on to the Xbox One soon.

According to a post over at Kotaku, Guitar Hero could have a more “realistic” look in the Xbox One / PS4 version, moving away from the cartoonish style the title has had in the past. Although Activision shut down the series in late 2011, and both Neversoft and RedOctane, two studios that worked on Guitar Hero for Activision, have been since shuttered, the story is that the franchise is getting new life from an unknown west coast studio.  We should know more in the E3 timeframe.

Another music game franchise dear to the heart, Rock Band, seems to be getting new attention from franchise owner Harmonix, who have been releasing new content for Rock Band 3 after a hiatus of almost two years. Harmonix also released an “important” survey, according to, asking fans about the future of the series, including questions about local multiplayer and backwards compatibility. While the return of Rock Band may be more in the “wishful thinking” camp at this point, it appears as though both Activision and Harmonix are gearing up to bring their music blasting and peripheral selling games to modern consoles.

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