GoPro app launches on Xbox 360, lets you stream and curate GoPro video content

Gopro app launches on xbox 360, lets you stream and curate gopro video content

Back in January, Microsoft promised that the GoPro app would launch on the Xbox 360, allowing you to stream and curate GoPro video content. Microsoft has kept its promise and is set to launch the app tomorrow, April 8th.

"The GoPro Channel app will bring the best of GoPro originally-produced and user-generated content into the homes of millions of Xbox Live Gold customers," said Adam Dornbusch, Head of Content Distribution at GoPro. "We're excited to launch with exclusive content for early adopters of the app and stoke out the Xbox 360 community with hours of engaging and inspiring GoPro videos through the Channel."

Using the GoPro app for Xbox 360, you can watch extreme adventures from around the world by browsing and searching though various categories - including sports, adventure, and athletes. You can watch videos individually or back-to-back within a category. Those with an Xbox Live Gold membership can purchase GoPro cameras and accessories directly though the app. Those who order in the US will have their purchases fulfilled by the online Microsoft Store.

GoPro for Xbox One will launch this summer for the Xbox One.

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