Get 3 months of Groove Music Pass from Microsoft Rewards for only 200 points

If you have been wanting to try out Microsoft's music streaming service for free, now is the time to act. You can now get 3 months of Groove Music Pass from Microsoft Rewards for only 200 points (via Reddit.)

The offer is only good for one per person, and is only valid for a limited time until 11:59 PM PT on 08/31/2017 or while supplies last. You can also redeem a code for 1 month for only 100 points, and combine it with the three-month code for a total of four free months of Groove Music.

This is indeed the deal of a lifetime, as four months of Groove Music would normally cost a total of $40. The Microsoft Rewards points value is also a great deal for daily users of the service, since a one month pass is normally priced at 9,500 points, and the three months pass at 28,000 points.

Accumulating the 300 necessary points for this deal is free, easy, and should not take more than one day. All you need to do is to sign into Bing with your Microsoft account, check out any offers on the Microsoft Rewards Dashboard, check out trending searches, and run Bing searches on both mobile and desktop. We previously compiled a helpful guide on how you can meet your daily Microsoft Rewards Goals, so feel free to check it out to aid you in your rewards quests.

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