Gears of War 4 to get May content update tomorrow

Kit McDonald

The Coalition’s effort to keep players coming back for more seems to be paying off. With its usual monthly update, Gears of War 4 is adding some new content.

The Xbox Play Anywhere title is welcoming another new map to storm. Aptly titled Dawn, this outside map of an abandoned mining colony has two defense points for players to storm.

Fans of the franchise will also be happy to see the return of the Security Map from Gears of War 2, complete with horde and respawn modes. Of course, what would Security map be without its lasers? The Coalition have made major changes, tweaking it for King of the Hill gameplay so that they only block side entrances. Furthermore, when the button is pressed in Horde mode, it will activate the laser instead of disabling it.

Another tribute to Gears of War 2 fans comes with the return of Benjamin Carmine. The Riftworm meal’s seen better days, but players can get access to the zombie version of Mr. Carmine from the May Gear Packs.

As a side note, Season 1’s tier rewards have been revealed with Diamond Weapon skins.

On top of the new content, Gears of War 4 is now available with Multi-GPU support. Which is perfect for players trying to match up their graphics cards to Xbox One’s performance.