GDC 2016 news: Cross Network play and more coming to Xbox One

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2016, Chris Charla of [email protected] has some exciting announcements that are coming to Xbox One later this year. Now in its third year, [email protected]'s GDC 2016, gives gamers a look at the latest and greatest Xbox One games that are upcoming from indie game developers.

Based on game developer feedback, Charla also has some exciting announcements that are in store for Xbox One and Windows 10 this year:

  • Cross-Network Play - Players on Xbox One and Windows 10 will soon be able to play games, depending on developer support, across networks, meaning you could play Rocket League (which will be among the first to support the new functionality) with a friend on a PC, for example.
  • MonoGame Support - Microsoft’s XNA programming framework isn’t supported on Xbox One, but Monogame is. Monogame is open source solution for developers, and will be coming to Xbox One soon, due to the efforts of Tom Spilman, Tom Happ, and Sickhead Games. Tom Happ's game, Axiom Verge, will be the first game to take advantage of MonoGame on Xbox One.
  • Xbox Game Preview - Games like Survival Ark, The long Dark, and Layers of Fear will continue to take part in Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One with more games to be added later.
  • Creating a Sustainable Marketplace - [email protected] continues to promote a sustainable marketplace for indie game developers to have commercial success on both Xbox One and Windows 10.
  • [email protected] on Windows 10 - [email protected] will extend to Windows 10 and support game developers that want to take include Xbox Live on their games through Universal Windows Platform (UWP). You can already play games like Oxenfree, Pinball FX 2, Fire: Ungh’s Quest and Stealth Inc 2 from indie game developers on UWP with Xbox Live.
  • The Future of [email protected] - Cuphead, Below, INSIDE, SuperHot, We Happy Few, Worms WMD, Pit People, and more games are on the way. At GDC 2016, 40 new games from indie game developers will be announced.

There will be more announcements coming up from GDC 2016, so don't miss out! Stay tuned to WinBeta for more information.

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