Gartner: 2016 PC sales could be down 3% compared to last year’s .75% decline

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by Email Twitter: Oct 6th, 2016 in News

The world’s leading information technology research and analytics firm Gartner, Inc. released their predictions for device shipments in the next couple of years. To put it simply, it’s not looking good for manufacturers. According to their expectations, worldwide shipments for devices is looking to fall another 3%. This is a drastic slip compared to the 0.75% decrease reported in 2015 (via ZDNet).

The PC market alone will be dropping 8% this year. A number that is only slowed down just slightly by the interest in 2-in-1 devices otherwise called the premium ultra-mobiles.

Research director Ranjit Atwal explained:

“The global devices market is not on pace to return to single-digit growth soon. We expect premium ultramobiles will start benefiting from the collective performance and integration of the latest Intel CPU platform and Windows 10.”

More traditional mobile devices will continue to decline to be replaced the newer generation. Premium ultra mobiles such as the MacBook Air and Microsoft Surface are expected to start carrying the PC Market.

It’s worth noting that there could also be a few discrepancies with the predictions. Especially regarding the value of currency and following the PC market in Western Europe as a result of the Brexit vote.

“Device vendors are mitigating the currency depreciation of the pound in two ways — first, they are taking advantage of the likelihood of a single-digit decline in PC component costs in 2016,” said Mr. Atwal. “Second, they will “de-feature” their PCs to keep prices down. With these changes, Gartner expects PC prices in the UK to increase by less than 10 percent in 2017.”

For now, it seems that we’ll be looking at traditional PCs bottoming out as the world becomes more ‘mobile first’, a goal that Microsoft is likely to cling to. While hardware takes a dive, the report suggests that consumers will be looking to upgrade towards the looming VR horizon as we move forward to 2018.

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