Gaming is getting better on Windows 11 with Xbox HDR Calibration app, other optimizations

Arif Bacchus

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Gaming On A Windows 10 Pc

Microsoft is helping boost the gaming experience for PC gamers. The company has a bunch of new optimizations coming to Windows 11 designed with gaming in mind, such as bringing the Xbox HDR Calibration app over to Windows.

There are two core things Microsoft is doing for gamers with Windows 11 PCs. The first involves bringing the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app to Windows 11. The second is to help older games run with less input lag with support for Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate when games run in windowed mode, instead of just full screen.

As you’d expect, this new Xbox HDR Game Calibration app will be available in the Microsoft Store for download once testing is complete. Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, though, can find it by going to “HDR display calibration” under System > Display > HDR settings. It can be used to improve the color accuracy and detail in HDR displays. It functions just like the Xbox version, with three test patterns with one for determining the darkest visible detail you can see, one for the brightest visible detail, and one for how bright a display can be.

Going on to the optimizations for windowed games now, this builds on the Auto HDR feature that was introduced with Windows 11. Microsoft says that new optimizations for windowed games will allow them to support Auto HDR and VRR and reduce latency in older games that use DirectX 10 or Direct X 11. You’ll be able to find the setting in Windows 11’s Graphics Setting page, though it’s currently only available for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. And, of course, you’ll be able to exclude certain games or apps from the setting option.