Gamestop nearly sells out its stock of Xbox One X in just 24 hours

The Xbox One X was risky. The console bet on there being an audience of gamers who want the graphical fidelity of gaming PC's, but don't already own that kind of hardware. With the premium console having released a couple of days ago, we're finally getting an idea of whether or not this risk is going to pay off. According to some of the first reports via Gamespot, Gamestop has just about sold out of the Xbox One X in the first 24 hours since launch.

"Sales of the new Xbox One X have been incredible! We have sold through most of our initial allotment in just one day," GameStop SVP of merchandising Bob Puzon said. "We are already working with Microsoft to get our hands on more of the world's most powerful video game console!"

This is a huge deal, and it means that Microsoft can take a deep breath, and start working on supporting the console in full force. With the Xbox One X becoming a success, the company can double down on their commitment to 4K graphical upgrades, and maybe even make their next console a pricier, yet higher-quality release.

If you're interested in learning some more about the Xbox One X, you can read our review. Long story short, we like it quite a bit.

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