Galaxy Explorer wins the HoloLens “Share your Idea” contest, app will take 6 weeks to build

According to a recent report, Microsoft chose a winner for their “Share Your Idea” contest to create a unique app for the HoloLens. Microsoft chose Galaxy Explorer app as the winner. Galaxy Explorer seems like the perfect app for HoloLens, here is the app description:

“Explore the Milky Way galaxy and learn more about the region of space we call home.Users can navigate the galaxy at their own pace using natural gestures and voice commands. Tap on anything to get detailed facts and stats. Draw a path through the galaxy and see an animated view of how long it would take to make the trip by car, by rocket, by fictional starship, or as a light beam. Then land on a planet, and get a sense of really being there. Surfaces in your room are transformed to resemble the landscape of a moon or planet. A natural, futuristic UI makes it easy to zoom in and out over millions of miles of space, filled with the amazing natural wonders that fill the Milky Way!”

Microsoft currently has a small team working on perfecting the Galaxy Explorer app for the HoloLens. Here is the first episode in a special HoloLens series explaining the basic process of how the Microsoft team is developing Galaxy Explorer.

Microsoft plans to release Galaxy Explorer as an open source project so that developers can use the app code as a blueprint for making other HoloLens apps. Microsoft will begin shipping the HoloLens developer units in the first quarter of 2016 for $3,000 each in the US and Canada. If you are a developer and interested in purchasing one, you can apply at the Microsoft HoloLens website.

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What other kinds of HoloLens apps would you want to see?