G-Hold to offer a better way to hold your Surface, coming this summer

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Thanks to the built-in kickstand, Microsoft's Surface tablets can be placed very comfortably on a desk or even your lap. One U.K. inventor, though, has come up with a gadget which gives you a better way to hold your Surface tablet, and Microsoft has taken an interest (via Digital Trends.)

The gadget, known as G-Hold, was originally created by single mother and Scottish inventor Alison Grieve. Essentially, the G-hold is a fold flat suction sticker ring which is attached to the back of a tablet, thereby allowing the ring to be raised up so one can slide a hand in and hold a tablet device using just fingers. Though the single mother's gadget idea was rejected by the Brtish TV show Dragons’ Den, Grieve has since managed to get the device to market, and to lock in a contract with Microsoft to produce a similar version for the company's Surface devices this summer. While details and pricing on the Surface specific version of the G-Hold are scarce, she tells The Daily Record about the Microsoft contract.

“G-Hold really adds value to Surface when it’s used as a mobile unit rather than at a desk. Microsoft are really excited about our product.”

G-Hold was already introduced on the Home Shopping Network at the international Consumer Electronics Show, and more than 10,000 have sold in December alone. Grieve also won a referral to Apple’s main supplier of ergonomic office equipment, Office Relief. Coming in a wide range of colors, G-Hold is sold for $29, and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Manufactured by McLaren Plastics in Loanhead, Midlothian, it has a universal design and can be used with a wide range of devices.

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