Futuremark benchmarking software is Windows 10 ready

Image credit: futuremark

Futuremark has prepared for the release of Windows 10 by making their benchmark software compatible with new version of the operating system as long as you have the latest SystemInfo component installed.  

According to Futuremark, "3DMark, 3DMark 11, 3DMark Vantage and PowerMark all work just fine in Windows 10, without any annoying or apparent issue." There are, however, some minor problems in PCMark 8 and 7, but for the most part they work fine.  

Users of some NVIDIA graphics cards should be aware that there are problems with the photo editing test in PCMark 8, but it's likely due to drivers. There's no available workaround at the moment, but Futuremark is seeking help from NVIDIA to bring forth a solution. 

PCMark 7 occasionally has stability issues on some special configurations in Windows 10. The problem isn't certain at the moment, but Futuremark assures that that they are looking into a fix. 

At the moment, legacy benchmark software is unsupported, and there are currently no plans for bringing support for these to Windows 10 

If you would like to download, purchase, or find out more information on the Futuremark benchmarking programs on Windows 10, then you can go to futuremark.com/benchmarks/windows10.

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