Four notable features from Windows 8 Build 7850

As we are well aware of, Windows 8 Milestone 1 Build 7850 leaked not to long ago. This may have been an old build that does not showcase any of the new features seen in recent leaked screenshots, but it did showcase four noteworthy items that should not be overlooked!

As ZDNet reports, there are four notable features that were in the old leaked build of Windows 8. The first feature is called “CreateBootableUFD.exe” which is basically a “Windows Disc Image Burner.” What does this tool do? This tool seems to be used to create bootable USB flash drives.

Another interesting tool that makes us scratch our heads is called “Portable Workspace Creator” tool (pwcreator.exe). This tools look slike it will allow you to take Windows with you on your USB flash drive.

Another interesting executable that was noted was the “glcnd.exe” which contains a lot of references to PDF. It makes us wonder if there will be a built in PDF tool.

Last but not least, we have “dpmanage.exe” which seems to be an application that “Manages Data protection for the current user.”

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It will be interesting to see if any of these four features will make it to the final release of Windows 8. Microsoft is known to cut features prior to final release. Microsoft has begun to distribute these early copies of Windows 8 to OEMs though its Connect program. Stay tuned as we keep you posted on any late breaking Windows 8 news. For up-to-date news on Windows 8, you can check out our Windows 8 page.

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