Flipboard for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available for download (Update: Nope)

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Sep 25th, 2014 inNews


Update: Turns out this build of Flipboard was placed in the Windows Phone Store as a placeholder and is not the final version. You can see the tweet below.

Flipboard has released its official app for Windows Phone devices today, and can be downloaded from the Windows Store right now. The app requires 1GB of RAM sadly, meaning Lumia 530 and other 512MB RAM devices will be unable to utilize the app just yet.

Flipboard launched on Windows 8.1 earlier this year, and around that time it was promised that Flipboard for Windows Phone 8.1 would be coming too. Finally, that day has arrived and Flipboard is now available across Windows PC and Phone. There is yet an official announcement for the launch of this app, so no further details are available right now.

Hit the download link below to get downloading the new Flipboard app. As said above, the app only runs on devices with 1GB of RAM for now. Will you be downloading and using flipboard for Windows Phone? Leave us your comments below.

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