Fitbit Windows Phone app updates with cool new features

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FitBit Windows Phone app updates with cool new features

The Windows Phone Fitbit app has just updated with several new features. Among the more significant updates is the addition of more in-depth sleep tracking functionality which was previously limited to basic stopwatch-like recording of the length of a user’s sleep. The new sleep tracking feature now allows users to add a goal (in the same way a daily step goal is made) and now displays a new sleep chart to better keep track of sleep patterns.

Fitbit app Challenges have also been revamped to include new trophies, graphs and new Personal Record and Goal Streak awards. The ability to quickly challenge everyone in a Challenge to a rematch the following day or week has now been streamlined and no longer requires manually inviting participants all over again once a challenge is completed. Users can now simply select “Rematch” to begin the Challenge again.

One of the better improvements, and also one of the simplest, is the added ability to share Fitbit badges with friends outside of the Fitbit network like on Facebook, WhatsApp or even via email. Badges are one of the greatest motivators to keep using Fitbit and the ability to show them off makes them all the more powerful.

I’ve been using the Windows Phone Fitbit app with my new Fitbit One for about three months now and have been constantly impressed with how well designed it is. The app boasts a clean layout that is easy to navigate around and takes good advantage of the Windows Phone’s Live Tiles feature to display useful information such as your daily step goal progress and friend requests. It works with the entire Fitbit device range and can even functional by itself by using the phone as its own motion tracker.

Do you have the Fitbit app on your Windows Phone? What other fitness apps do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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