This is the first Surface Pro 3 TV ad, shows off the device in all its glory

This is the first Surface Pro 3 TV ad, shows off the device in all its glory

Microsoft has just uploaded the first thirty-second TV advertisement for the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3. The video showcases the device in all its glory. As you will see in the video, the Surface Pro 3 is ideal in many real-life settings.

The Surface Pro 3 is available now for pre-order and ships soon. Microsoft touts the Surface Pro 3 device as the one tablet device that can replace your laptop. In the video, Microsoft shows off the device's writing capabilities with OneNote and the Surface Pen, as well as having the company's Office productivity suite pre-installed.

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 at an event in New York last month and is the company’s third attempt at pushing forward its tablet business. From a look at its specifications, the device has made significant improvements over its previous generation Surface Pro 2. 

The 12-inch Surface Pro 3 is faster than the Surface Pro 2, and features a multi-position kickstand. In fact, you can even have the kickstand up to a 150-degree angle. The device features a 2160x1440 display, with a 3x2 aspect ration screen. The device is also 800g in weight and 9.1mm thin (1.76 pounds and is 0.36 inches thin), making it lighter even though the device is bigger.

We've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. Did you pre-order the Surface Pro 3?

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