Far Cry 4 for Xbox One and Windows PC set to receive 'Title Update 5' on Feb 4th

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Far Cry 4 for Xbox One and Windows PC set to receive 'Title Update 5' on Feb 4th

Tomorrow, Far Cry 4 fans have something exciting to look forward to. Ubisoft is set to launch “Title Update 5” for all platforms, including Xbox One and PC. With this update, the game is set to receive Co-Op on custom maps, breathing fresh new air into the game, which was released three months ago. The update is set to roll out tomorrow, February 4th, and it will contain the following fixes and improvements:

  • In-Game Editor Co-Op is now live — Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with asset placements; Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with the Map Browser.
  • Co-Op — Integrated Outpost Master in Co-Op; Fixed various client connectivity issues; Fixed various Host/Client replication issues.
  • Load and Save Files — Fixed various checkpoint placement issues.
  • Vehicles — Fixed the occasional issue with vehicle placement.
  • Matchmaking and PvP — Fixed matchmaking stability and general issues with PvP; Fixed inconsistencies with XP in the load-out menu.
  • Gameplay — Fixed spawning issues under specific circumstances.
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One — Fixed co-op matchmaking issues when user’s signed in as an inactive profile.

You can head over to the VIA link below to monitor the official thread of the update. Once you grab the update, let us know if you encounter any issues or if you find the new Co-Op feature to be entertaining! If you have yet to purchase the game, you can save up to 40% via the Xbox Live Gold subscription right now.

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