Fallout 76, DayZ and Soulcalibur VI are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend

Dave W. Shanahan

Fallout 76, DayZ, Soulcalibur VI

As noted in a post on Reddit, Fallout 76, DayZ and Soulcalibur VI are available to play free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Free Play Days are Xbox One games offered to play for free with the option to buy at a reduced price. This week’s Free Play Days is Fallout 76, DayZ, and Soul Calibur VI. Fallout 76, DayZ, and Soul Calibur VI are being offered in the Microsoft Store right now at deep discounts.

Here’s a look at each Xbox One game and their current pricing.

  • Fallout 76 is available for $19.99, down from its original price point of $39.99. Right now it’s priced right, as Fallout 76 was a half-baked, bug-plagued game at release, and was not as well thought out like previous games in the Fallout series. Fallout 76 serves as a prequel to the Fallout series and takes a beloved franchise and almost destroys everything that made previous Fallout games so great.
  • DayZ is available for $29.99, 40% off its original price of $49.99. DayZ leads you on an adventure throughout a town called Chernarus, which is infected by an unknown virus turning everyone into zombies. Similar to other games in the genre, you fight over resources to survive the zombie apocalypse. Of course, you are immune to the virus, but you have to do what you can to stay alive.
  • Soul Calibur VI is offered at $39 off the original $59.99 price. At $20.99, it’s a hard game to pass up. Powered by the Unreal Engine, you can play against your friends on Xbox Live and locally in 1V1 matchups with new battle mechanics, multiple fighting styles, and an assortment of single-player modes.
Price: Free
Price: $59.99

Head on over to the Xbox Live Gold homepage to take a look at what else an Xbox Live Gold subscription includes. However, you might be better off just getting Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so you are covered for any game you might want on Xbox One or Windows 10.  Let us know what game you will be playing this weekend in the comments.