Facebook for Windows Phone 7 and 8 updated, addresses app crash issues

Facebook on Windows Phone

For those of you who use the Facebook app on your Windows Phone, whether it be Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8, there is an update available for you! The update addresses a crash issue that users were facing in the previous update.

This update is available now, but a changelog or list of new features is unavailable at this time. However, the only thing that is known about this update is that it addresses an app crash issue that users were facing from the last update.

The app version number has also went up by just 0.0.1 build number. Windows Phone 8 sees a new version number of 4.2.1 and the Windows Phone 7.x sees a version number of 2.9.1. Hit the download link below to snag this update and let us know in the comments if you observed anything new!

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