Facebook releases update for its app on Windows 10 PC, fixes slow loading issues

An update is available for the Facebook app on Windows 10 PCs. As the company does not publish changelogs for its app, it is up to us to figure out the changes; as such, in our testing of the latest update, we've discovered that the app is loading much quicker after clicking the app icon in the Start Menu.

Items in the newsfeed are also loading almost immediately after the app has finished launching, rather than having to wait for the content to load a few seconds after the app launches.

Whilst this update is minor, those two fixes help bring further stability to Facebook on Windows 10, as previously it could take upwards of a minute for it to finish opening on some devices, now we're seeing almost instant loading across several different devices, which will improve your experience of using the app, and makes for an all-around smoother experience, particularly so if you were still reverting to using the web-based version of the social network.

If you notice anything new or further improvements that we've missed, let us know in the comments below.

Developer: Meta
Price: Free

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