Facebook Beta for Windows Phone updated, Messenger support added

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Facebook beta for windows phone updated, messenger support added

The Facebook Beta app has impressed us all recently with a fresh UI facelift, in addition to a slew of much needed bug fixes and performance improvements. Today’s update brings along the obligatory bug fixes and performance improvements as well as a details page for posts and Messenger support!

We understand that this may seem confusing as you probably already know that access to Facebook messages is built right into the app, which the official Facebook Messenger app has made practically obsolete. This has also caused annoyances as messages from your friends will result in both apps sending you a notification for it.

So what has Facebook – or should we say Microsoft – done? They deep-linked the two apps together. Now, you can access the Facebook Messenger app directly from within Facebook Beta with a press of a button. To fix the double notifications issue, all messenger functions have been removed from Facebook Beta, leaving Messenger the only app with that capability.

You can expect these new features to hit the official Facebook app in the near future as they usually do. In the meantime, The Facebook Beta update is now available in the Store for both Windows Phone 7 and 8. Hit the download link below!

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