Express yourself with free themes from the Windows Store for your Windows 10 PC

Kareem Anderson

Updated on:

Seems as though the Windows team is bringing back a crowd favorite to the Windows Store in Windows Themes.

As the Windows team finds itself attempting to usher in a simplistic and more intuitive way for users to engage with settings in Windows, they are also crashing up against a wall of so-called ‘power users’ demanding the team keeps the same level of granularity they’re accustomed to.

Enter Windows Themes.

With the foundation in place, the Windows team is bringing back some forms of customization to Windows 10 which can be found in the Setting app. However, now it looks as though users can get a bit more creative by visiting the Windows Store to download new themes for their desktop.

Choose from endless options to make your PC yours, including hundreds of wallpapers, sound options, and custom accent colors. Themes include plants and flowers, landscapes, animals, natural wonders, cityscapes – anything to suit your style. The photography, art, and illustrations you see come from creators across the globe.

To set up a new theme for your Windows 10 PC, Microsoft has streamlined the process to three easy steps.

  1. Visit Personalization in the Settings Menu on your Windows 10 Creators Update enabled device
  2. Select “Get more themes in the Store link”
  3. Download and install new theme from the Store

Furthermore, the Windows team is also enabling hue changes to themes from within the Settings app to allow any user to further customize their theme.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a US only party for now. The Windows team has not made mention of when or if this will be rolling out to other regions anytime soon.

Visit the Windows Store today check out a theme that best expresses you.