First impressions of the Eve T1, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet from Finland

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Eve t1

These days, it's pretty easy to get yourself a cheap Windows 8.1 8-inch tablet for under $200. Sadly, if you're paying sub-$200 for a tablet, you're most likely going to get a cheaply built, but very capable device. Some people are fine with that, however we know there are a number of people out there who would much prefer a well-built, yet still easy on the wallet 8-inch device. That's where the Eve T1 comes in, I've been using it over the last week, and here are my first impressions.

Upon opening the Eve T1 box, it was immediately apparent that this was no cheaply built device. The packaging was what one would expect from an iDevice, premium and modern. The device itself is also pretty well made, and definitely a surprise for the price you pay. The Eve T1 has an excellent build quality, the front sports a capacitive Windows button and a beautiful 1280x800 8-inch screen. The rear of the device sports a 5MP camera, and a matt-black textured casing which feels super-nice.

Unfortunately, one annoyance I've found with the Eve T1 is that the back case is a finger-print magnet, however this isn't a deal breaker by any means. The back of the device is one of the reasons it feels so premium, so this is one tradeoff I'd happily live with over a cheaply made device any day of the week. The Eve T1 comes with 32GB internal storage, with a MicroSD card slot for storage expantion. The MicroSD slot is covered with a door which further adds to the overall quality of the device.

Eve t1

Although it's too early to give a proper verdict, it looks like battery life is pretty spectacular. Sporting a 4300 mAh, I've been easily able to get over 2 days of usage out of the device with light to medium usage. My full review will have better insight on the battery performance, but I can definitely say right now that the Eve T1 does not disappoint when it comes to battery.

Performance of the Eve T1 is pretty amazing too, sporting an Intel© Bay Trail Z3735F clocked at 1.8 GHz, I've had no issues editing documents, browsing the web and playing games from the Windows Store. Admittedly you won't be wanting to run photoshop on here, but that's to be expected with a device this size.

Overall, my first impressions are pretty good. The Eve T1 looks to be an amazing 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, and I've enjoyed using it so far. I shall have a full review of the Eve T1 up within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that. If you're considering getting an Eve T1, you can buy one now from their website.

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