Easter comes to Gears of War 4 with chocolate weapons and new maps

Arif Bacchus

The Coalition today announced the April Update for Gears of War 4. Heading to the title this month is chocolate weapons, new maps, an Easter event, and much more. As usual, we’ve given the announcement post a look and have included the details for you below the video.

Leading the April Update is an Easter Event. Festivities in this event includes the ‘Bunny Hunt’, an Easter-themed game mode that brings back the oversized Bunny Heads from previous games into a new variation of Guardian. Additionally, fans will also get to unwrap five Chocolate Easter Egg themed weapon skins by registering on GearsofWar.com and completing challenges in the special playlist.

Next up is a series of new maps which are returning from Gears of War 3. The first new map is “Hotel,” set on a misty cliff-side, with a long-abandoned reclaimed beauty. With this map, Combat still has a distinct feel between the inside and outside environments, and new weapon swaps like the EMBAR will also appear. The second map, meanwhile, is “The Slab” which was where the Gears series first began. The map returns to Marcus’ prison and honors the original looks while also including extra deals, plus unique two-lane opening separated by an interior courtyard.

Both of these maps are now available for Season pass holders to play in the Developer Playlist, with Double XP and 20% Bonus Credits to boot. Other players, however, should expect to see these maps in public matchmaking starting April 11th.

Also new this month are some new additions to the COG lineup, including the return of Kantus. Additionally, The Coalition has announced that the Horde and Versus events will return on Apil 21st and 28th. Ending the list of changes in this month’s update are some new weapon tuning for Gears 4. According to The Coalition, these tuning changes provide a major update to both Core and Competitive play, and for a number of improvements coming to Ranked Play.